Golden Barrel Bulgarian Village

Golden Barrel (Zlatna Bachva) Ethnographic complex is located in the village of Bata, only 18 km from Sunny Beach. It is the perfect choice for a traditional Bulgarian evening, Land und Leute or a Picnic in the village.


This magnificent site features an alley of typical Bulgarian crafts like pottery, wood carving and loom weaving. A cozy restaurant with 250 seats indoors serves traditional cuisine and welcomes visitors with bread and salt and to the sounds of bagpipes, a symbol of Bulgarian hospitality. The enormous dance floor  (12 x 6 m) in the centre, allows guests to delight in a remarkable folklore program featuring folk ensembles and singers, the mysterious rituals of the mummers, the authentic Bulgarian ritual of fire dancing. Barrels with red and white wine welcome tourists to pour their own wine in big traditional jugs.


A beautifully decorated cart and a saddled donkey are avilable for kids for a happy and memorable ride. A special program for children, games and fun add up to the great mood, while Pijo and Penda, favourite Bulgarian fairy tale characters, entertain the youngest guests in 4 languages.


A souvenir shop offers interesting items made of ceramics, porcelain, wood and copper as a memory from Golden Barrel visit and the spirit of Bulgaria.