Churches in Nessebar

- The Old Bishopric ("St. Sofia") - built in the fifth-sixth century. It is a three-nave basilica;
- The Church of John the Baptist - from the eleventh-eleventh century with architecture between a basilica and a cross-church church;
- The new bishop (St. Stephen) - is believed to be from the tenth-eleventh century. In it the frescoes are very well preserved. Visitors can see the majestic medieval columns, plates, inscriptions and capitals, as well as the exterior decoration, which consists of clay cups;
- The Church of St. Todor - it is from the thirteenth century. Unfortunately, only the northern and western sides of the temple are preserved;
- The Church of St. John Aliturgitos - from the thirteenth to the fourteenth centuries. The temple is incredibly beautiful;
- The Pantokrator Church - it is also from the thirteenth-fourteenth century. It is also a very well preserved Medieval church;
- The Church of St. Michael the Archangels and Gavril - it is again from the thirteenth-fourteenth century. Visitors can see the outer walls that are impressive with their ornaments;
- The Church of St. Paraskeva - also from the thirteenth-fourteenth century;
- The Church of St. Spas - with well-preserved frescoes of the fifteenth century.